Procedures for making and sterilizing surgical masks

Procedures for making and sterilizing surgical masks

At present, China ministry of industry and information technology is making every effort to determine the source of Medical protective clothing, medical N95 masks and other medical protective equipment, step up the organization of production and transportation, increase the conversion of international standards, expand international procurement for domestic use, and make every effort to guarantee the demand.


The following is the detailed process of making surgical masks:

Min. three layers Non-woven fabric

If you cut out the mask, you can see that there are at least 3 layers of non-woven fabric, which is a production requirement, at least 3 layers.


Merge three layers

Such three layers of non-woven material are stacked together by the production machine as shown in the picture below.


Sew in nose clip

This is the second structure of the mask: the flexible wire at the top of the mask. When wearing to knead the nose clip fixed to the bridge of the nose, so wear mask will be tight, otherwise without this structure, I this flat nose leakage is more serious, the seal is not tight, affect the protective effect…


That is, the wire is matched along the side of the non-woven fabric, and then the following structure is rolled with one edge, and then stitched together, and you are done.


Part of the Layers

The main part of the mask is the layered structure shown in the picture below, which is pulled back to completely cover the mouth and nose.


This cascade structure has a long section like this, which requires a machine folding link.


In the mechanical design shown below, there are three adjustable bevels. By setting a small bevel Angle, a large piece of non-woven fabric is gradually narrowed from left to right along these bevels to form a “folding structure”.


Then there is a piece of pressure, the surface of the mask pressed flat.


The cutting process

Most of the individual cuts and seaming of the mask are fully automatic without manual treatment. And different mask is to have subtle manufacturing difference, some are seamed, some are directly pressed glue, small details.


Out comes a separate mask body.


Mask brim pressing

Look at the edge of the mask, there is a no left and right two large rolls of non-woven cloth, waiting to strengthen the edge of the mask.


After one side is wrapped, immediately flatten and bond.


At this time out of the original cut masks, were once again connected together.


So also need a cut to strengthen the edge of the link, a clean break…


Hot press mounting lugs

You also need to use adhesive on the edge of the mask, as shown in the picture below, this side of the mechanical claw to send hanging ear rope, there is the bottom of the hot press adhesive to fasten the hanging ear rope on the mask, so that a flat face mask is finished.


Those are the details of how the mask is made, and advice for everyone during the outbreak:(a) drink a lot of water, (b) wash hands regularly, (c) avoid handshake,(d ) better stay at home.

Post time: Mar-18-2020