Our story


Since 2008, my partner and I have founded the company SHANGHAI SEOW YI INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD., which supplying top quality of China made textile machinery and related components to different countries in the world, especially labor-intensive and low-cost countries.

Also we provide one-stop textile solutions with one professional technical support team, customers show us different fabrics to get their production machine list, spinning machinery, weaving, finishing, dying and printing, packing machines…

We are focusing on our customer’s satisfaction, and our customer retention rate is above 90 percent. One reason for this high retention is creating innovative products, and another reason is building long term relationship with our clients.

It was quite unimaginable to take on a business that SEOW YI had grown from nothing into one of the top providers of textile machinery and components from China working globally. Our team has worked very hard to start and continue the high standard of exceptional customer service, superior selection, and outstanding value. 

Customers can always find out what the latest happenings are by checking out our website, future soon, you are welcome to meet us at our blog, share with us at I-Tunes, and becoming a fan of our Facebook page, following us on Twitter, or by listening to our podcast!

Right now, connect us by whatsapp(+86 13918317085) or Wechat(nancyzuo2008) for immediate information please!